Help with Alcohol and Drugs in Brighton and Hove

I have worked therapeutically with people with alcohol and drug problems for nearly 30 years. Some of that work was undertaken with individuals before I trained as a counsellor, and involved close work with local substance misuse agencies in Brighton and Hove. It also included supporting people working with Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous 12 Step Programme. Whatever the nature of individual's problematic dependency issues, the core of that work has been the importance of therapeutic relationships and support in helping in dealing with those difficulties.

As a counsellor, I regularly work with people who are troubled by the level and impact of their alcohol or drug use use on their life and relationships. My experience is that many of my clients want to manage and reduce their substance use rather than become abstinent, but also want to explore and understand why they they use or misuse alcohol and drugs. Implicit in that work is the individual's relationship with alcohol or drugs, sometimes at the expense and bedevilment of their intimate relationships with people.

Substance use and misuse is not a black and white issue for many people, and all users of substances sit within a spectrum of use and dependency. It will be important to fully explore where you sit within that spectrum, what you want to change and how we can work together to help you achieve that.

Gary Evident BACP registered member