Counselling for identity, gender and LGBTQ+ concerns in Brighton

An increasing number of people from Brighton and Hove who come for counselling express a core concern about their sense of self and expectations about identity and gender, and their very way of being. Some of that concern is expressed through historical experiences of family responses, both subtle and explicit, to their life choices and partners. This can sit at the core of how they now feel about themselves, often reinforced by the responses of the  broader culture and community that adds pressure for them to conform in a way that may not fit. This experience is common for a lot of people, whatever their gender and sexual orientation.

I have worked with LGBTQ+ clients for many years. The core of the time that we have spent together has concentrated on their day-to-day experience of being who they are, but has often focussed on finding the courage to recognise and face their own self doubt. Feelings of shame can sometimes arise in the work. This is a difficult area, but my experience of sitting with clients at those times is that there is a release of strongly held feelings, an increase in self-acceptance and a real sense of liberation.

Gary Evident BACP registered member